Online cams moms - 5 minute dating questions

Speed dating is arguably one of the most efficient ways to meet other singles.If anything, at least the power of sheer numbers is on your side.

Here are some questions you can use to get the ball rolling.

Keep in mind that you will likely have to change your strategy a little with each person.

Thus, your ability to read people quickly will be crucial.

You should organize your questions into at least three groups.

The first group of questions should be used when you are making that all important first contact.

Since you have no idea who you are talking to, the questions in this group should be fairly general in nature.

Here’s an example: Listen carefully to their responses before you continue with more personal questions.

If you detect any sort of hostility or reluctance to engage in small-talk, then simply ride out the remaining few minutes by answering a few of their questions or simply try talking about the weather.

Topics to stay away from, as always, are religion and politics.

Actually, any topic that has the potential to be controversial should be avoided.

Besides, you’ve only got a few minutes to make a good impression – stick with lighter topics.

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