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I think Ethiopian girls are disproportionately beautiful, with their mahogany skin color, large eyes, high cheekbones, huge breasts and ass, and wild exotic hair.But unfortunately for non-Ethiopian men everywhere they keep to their own circle, judged by the fact that I have never seen a white guy with an Ethiopian girl. My postings on game and girls are from experience, but I’m going to have to branch out here and share with you a plan on how I’m going to get my Ethiopian flag.As a Caucasian man limited by his non-Ethiopianness, the plan is based on… Once I find an Ethiopian girl to approach (shouldn’t be hard considering that Washington DC has more Ethiopians than any other city outside of Ethiopia), I will attack with this two-pronged strategy: 1.

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Unfortunately I only remember the word “sharmuta,” which means bitch / whore (apparently in many languages).

“The Ethiopian girls he dated would always cook for him and even come over and take care of him when he was sick. I wish I could have stayed longer but I worked a corporate job at the time and I couldn’t get off more than a week.” By now she will be exploding with curiosity, but I will be restrained in showing interest.

It was weird to see because American girls didn’t do that. Her being Ethiopian is not enough and she will have to prove that she isn’t corrupted by the American culture.

The American girls had many masculine traits, while the Ethiopian girls didn’t.” “I had a week of extra vacation time to kill. I’ll go for the kill after a round of cocktails at an Ethiopian restaurant where she will communicate with the staff in her language while I sit there and stare at the interesting decorations on the wall.

If all else fails I’ll just say I’m a speechwriter for Obama.

Five years on from its launch and Grindr is the world's most popular dating app for gay men. We start to chat, exchanging hellos, how-are-yous, a few LOLs.

Its founder Joel Simkhai answers his critics, describes his isolation as a child – and tells Patrick Strudwick that his mum couldn't be more proud A handsome, dark-haired man is, apparently, just a few feet away. It's stilted at first, but as the chat develops he warms up, opens up, and after a few minutes, begins to reveal more and more about himself.

His name is Joel Simkhai, he is the founder and CEO of Grindr, the world's most popular dating app for gay men, and he is sitting opposite me in the lobby of a smart central London hotel.

If you are a stranger to the service, now five years old – a pensioner in app terms – here are the basics: Grindr shows you, using GPS technology down to the nearest few feet, the men in your vicinity looking to meet other men. Thus, in 2009, human civilisation evolved (or regressed, according to where you lie on the prude to rude spectrum) to a point where one could immediately find the nearest gay, bi or greedy man looking for sex. Switch Grindr on in the Vatican, therefore, and a whole new kind of communion would appear. In Brazil, during the World Cup, Grindr usage has spiked by 31 per cent. All my [straight] friends were like, 'Dude, we know you're gay,' trying to pull me out of the closet, but I wasn't ready.

The man behind it, now sitting in shorts and T-shirt drinking herbal tea, starts with the breeziest of explanations for why he set up the service, which is currently launching a redesign; that he's a "matchmaker – it comes very naturally to me", and that he found online dating a bore. Coming out wasn't overnight." He would seek out other gay men to talk to, by going on Compu Serve and AOL's prototype chat services."That was very helpful for me," he says.

"The whole process was awful – spending so much time chatting, staying at home because I didn't want to miss messages – it's a full-time job! "I felt less isolated, less like a fr…" he stops and changes words, "like a weirdo," adding that what would have made an even greater difference was something that could have enabled him to find people close by.


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