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When her boyfriend starts to pull away and claims to be "confused", our writer asks how to fix things. He sees the problem coming from the other side and questions the whole relationship. The man I was very interested in tells me hes confused about us.

I havent asked for a committment..that what hes thinking? Im confused as to why a normal, healthy, adult woman would put up with a loser like this. The man does not exist who is worth compromising your self respect for. So the question is not, "Should I continue to hang around him or tell him to call me when hes not confused? and there is nothing you can do about it except walk away with your self respect intact. The Redfield System, a proven relationship system that teaches you how to find, meet and date that someone special.

I think hes in love with me and scared to death of me becuase I can see through him. All he does is take his frustrations out on you, and you allow him to. " The question is, "Why would you waste your time on a man who has so little respect for you? Its not your fault hes in the position hes in so stop letting him take it out on you. This question was sent in to Bryan by a reader requesting Bryans unique dating and relationship advice.

Also, hes out of work which I think may make him feel very insecure. Should I continue to hang around him or tell him to call me when hes not confused? The most important thing in any relationship is your self respect.

Once you compromise that, your dignity, integrity and everything else goes down the drain and you end up being a door mat to the other person. Just walk away and find another guy who can appreciate what you have to offer, a guy who wont take his frustrations out on you. Give yourself permission to have a loving relationship.

One of the most important rules I teach my students is, "Never compromise your self respect for any reason".

What are you getting out of this relationship besides a bad time? Whatever it is, youre obviously not getting it because hes incapable of giving it to you. The Cyber Dating Network has no control over the chat room software or the content of the chat room - It is provided as is.Please notify us if you see nudity or explicit sex on the chat applet.If someone asks for your money ~ You are not on Adult Cyber!You can see every one of the hundreds of thousands of personal ads in the Cyber Dating Network totally free, even our adult personals!Our site has always been totally free and always will be. Our site allows you access every feature with no credit card required or even signing up.

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