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Some dating sites in our list also offer free trials.We can’t guarantee true love on the first time out of the gate but we can guarantee that you are going to have a lot of fun trying.Our list of honest dating sites is constantly growing and shrinking.

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Using our dating directory feedback form visitors can submit their experiences to our experts and they will adjust the 5 Heart Rating according to how much feedback is received, good or bad.

If a dating site or dating service receives too many bad reports it will be pulled from our list of dating sites.

Our experts are currently working hard behind the scenes and have over 100 more dating sites to review so look for them to be listed soon.

Cupids Dating Directory is the internet’s premier list of honest dating sites featuring our unique 5 Heart Rating System.

Our team of relationship experts have reviewed each dating site and service in order to bring you only the best dating sites found anywhere online.

Our trusted dating site reviews are short and to the point because we want you out there having fun as soon as possible instead of reading endless pages of mumbo jumbo.

Our simple to navigate Dating Directory will help you find singles & couples who are searching for love, casual dating, a discreet intimate affair, friends, a sex partner, pen pals, marriage, web cam play, or a soul mate.

Even Cupid himself has commented on each dating site.

The online dating services found in our Cupid Directory allows you to choose from 36 different categories which are located below.

These various dating niches delivers to you, the flexibility to find exactly what you are searching for.

There are currently 72 dating sites, all of which are free to join.


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