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I just wanted to make a post about the lack of updates here.

I really do apologize for that and feel really bad…unfortunately between work, life and running this blog alone, it takes up a lot of time.

I don’t want to abandon this blog though, and I have no intentions to do so.

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We’re being held as leverage, you could say, for our kidnapper’s agenda.

James Lafferty: I play a high school teacher who gets taken hostage, abducted with a class full of my students – all the children of the most popular people in the country.

JJ: Is the whole season that arc of you being held hostage? We actually don’t know how long we’re going to be held captive.

The first season will probably play out over the course of that particular hostage crisis.

JJ: What has been your favorite scene to shoot so far? So I think all of the high tension stuff has been my favorite to shoot.

JL: Our characters are held up in kind of a mansion, and so far, I think my favorite scene to shoot… You know, when there’s guns being pointed at us and people yelling, and shots being fired.

JJ: Wait, you’re a high school teacher and you’re held up in a mansion?? () I don’t know how much I can give away, because they’re very, very secretive. we’re on a school bus that gets taken hostage, and we end being held hostage. That’s when the energy is ramped up on set and I think it’s fun. JL: I guess working with the weaponry because there are a lot of guys around us that have some pretty advanced weaponry. JJ: Are they prop guns or real guns with no bullets?

They take us all to a mansion at an undisclosed location. JL: They’re usually prop guns but every once in a while we are working with a real gun with no bullets, or a real gun with blanks.

So at that point, the armor has to make rounds on set and make sure that everybody sees that there’s nothing in the chamber, and they’re not real bullets, and all that. JL: Just bonding with the kids that I’m supposed to be teaching. And when I was first getting my start in television, I was their age.

So it’s kind of funny to see, it’s really cool to see them starting out and playing their teacher.

Makes me feel old, and it’s amusing at the same time.


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