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@pnuts - Beyond [excel-2010] being the de facto standard by which I gauge all of my contributions, I wanted to avoid direct association with pre-xl2007 Office clipboard behaviour which I did not test [email protected] Getrost - Turning calculation off can certainly help by avoiding reiterative calculation cycles that are subsequently (and redundantly) recalculated. Even a non-volatile formula would suffer if it was usin full column references and values in those references were changed in a loop; e.g. Cut Copy Mode property performs and how the official documentation wrong implies that you can turn it back 'on'.change value in C4 and somewhere else either does nothing at all or it does the opposite of what you think it does. Cut Copy Mode is False then setting it to True does not turn on the 'dancing border' and if the current state is either xl Copy or xl Cut (Xl Cut Copy Mode Enumeration constants), setting . When you manually cut (Ctrl+X) or copy (Ctrl+C) one or more cells on the worksheet, the cells will acquire a 'dancing border'¹ that indicates the source of the operation. Cut Copy Mode is non-zero (either xl Copy or xl Cut) and a relationship between subsequent paste operations and both the Office clipboard and Windows clipboard exists in that they are retaining the content of the source.

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Cut Copy Mode becomes false and you lose the 'dancing border' around the source.

This is because there is no content left in the source cells. You can move to another location and paste the same content; .

The content remains accessible from the Office clipboard but is removed from the Windows clipboard. Cut Copy Mode remains non-zero and the 'dancing border' around the original content persists as does the relationship to both the Office clipboard and the Windows clipboard.

If you elected to copy the cells, you can paste the cells to an additional location and the 'dancing border' remains. If you ran VBA code that included at this point, the dancing border would disappear and the connection between any paste operation and the Office clipboard would be eliminated.

This is a good state to be in when initiating a VBA sub procedure so that any potential copy/paste operation within the code could not potentially conflict with the . However, this should only be necessary in special circumstances (see next paragraph).

Certain Excel operations are sufficient to break this Office clipboard connection and force . One of these is manually initiating a macro sub procedure so there is limited benefit to including at the beginning of your code.However, it may be prudent to run within your code if your code has initiated a Range.Copy operation and you have completed any Worksheet. Paste Special method operations with the contents of the copy. Cut Copy Mode can be done with some worksheet event macro code. Print "Cut Copy Mode is in Copy mode" Case xl Cut Debug. " End Select End Sub The results reported to the VBE's Immediate window will be either Copy mode, Cut mode or OFF. Cut Copy Mode will never directly report its state as True².Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) Select Case Application. Print "Cut Copy Mode is in Cut mode" Case False Debug. While you can effect a change in the operational environment with While a boolean value of True or False is a distinct type, for all intents and purposes False equals zero and anything that is not False is True.If resolving boolean ► number, a VBA False is 0 and True is always equal to (-1) but if resolving the reverse number ► boolean any non-zero number is considered True and a zero is considered False. While any of the possible states {-1,0,1,2} can be read, only {0} can be written to the property.Any numerical value is coerced to zero when writing to the property.

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