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Automate the moderation of user-generated content, either to support or replace human moderation.

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Moderation rules are inferred automatically, with no configuration required.

Our algorithms improve on the quality of manual processing and guarantee consistent decisions and predictable performance.

Your team can manage every aspect of our solution, at all times.

Content moderation is monitored continuously through key indicators updated in real time.

The engine can be trained easily and on the fly to improve accuracy or reflect any change in your moderation policy.

A chat bot is a computer character which, through natural language-style dialogs with humans, performs various tasks, such as answering questions, helping them to navigate websites and assisting them with advertising. If you would like to know more about creating your own chatbot, please check our build your own chat bot section or visit our AI Forum community where you will find many experienced botmasters.

Chat bot, chatbot or chatterbot, can be found on screens and in the virtual worlds, but also in the real world, for example holographically projected or as physical talking and responding puppet, toy or robot. Chat bot can either look like a human being, or a digital avatar, an animal, alien or may have an image that does not look like a living creature at all. The term Chat bot is a composite of two words: meaning “labor”, and is an accomplishment of the cubist painter and writer Josef Capek, older brother of novelist and playwright Karel Capek.

Often, chat bot appears online and in instant messenger programs such as Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or Google Talk, where a chat bot is part of the buddy, contact or follow list of the human user. Usually, chat bot has human name such as Tim, Anna or Alex. The word robot first appeared in 1920 in the Karel Capek’s play “RUR” (“Rossum’s Universal Robots”) and since then this play popularized the word invented by playwright’s brother. The modern use of the word bot has curious affinities with earlier uses, e.g.

Chat bot appears on many other platforms as well, such as social networks (e.g. “parasitical worm or maggot” (1520s), of unknown origin; and Australian-New Zealand slang “worthless, troublesome person” (World War I -era).

E., brought to artificial life in 1995 by Richard Wallace. To find a solution for that question they gathered programmers answers and posted this article How to program a simple chat bot AI?

Stack Overflow Q&A site also tried to answer a question: how to realize one-on-one conversation between a human and a chat bot?


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