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This is my second challenge and I' M LOVING IT! Dropit4Life Doing measurements this week for the half way point in our Biggest Winner challenge at Dropit4Life and Koli Palu and I are SO PROUD! We know what it feels like to go to the gym and feel like people are starring, or just feel uncomfortable in your own skin when you have weight to lose, but worry no longer Sonoma County, we will have a safe, judgment free gym specializing in helping you lose weight, and get in shape with other members on the same journey!!

Day 9 and the energy is crazy, waking up before my alarm with a clear mind, no heartburn, achy knees feeling better. One of our FEMALE clients lost 34inches in 6 weeks while working out and eating 1700 cals of clean foods!! We will be offering group based fitness classes to help you build a support community, options for nutrition education, as well as options for assistance with the mental side of weight loss, and of course the Biggest Winner Challenges that started it all! Our dreams of helping create a judgment free gym environment to help others lose weight and live fully if happening! We all know someone that has been effected by cancer unfortunately.

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Another female client lost 30inches, 20inches, 18inchs... I lost my father to Melanoma Skin cancer when I was 16.

My Brother-in-law Daniel Goss has been chosen as Man of the Year in Knoxville, TN my hometown, and is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help fund patient care and research!

LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers just like the one we lost our father to!

"The Biggest Loser" needs to drop more than weight ...

its new logo is a total rip-off, according to a new lawsuit filed by former NFL lineman Le Charles Bentley.

Earlier this year, the NBC show decided to drop its original tape measure logo for a new stylized "BL." Bentley, a former Pro-Bowler, says 'Loser' screwed up because he trademarked a very similar logo in 2013 for his O-Line Performance company.Bentley says he sent a cease and desist letter, which was ignored now he's suing NBC Universal and the producers for trademark infringement.He wants the logo changed, and a cut of the revenue 'Loser' made while using the new one.Luckily for all involved, this will be handled by lawyers -- Le Charles goes 6'2", 300-plus pounds.If you haven't hear of the WHOLE30 you should! Thank you biggest The Biggest Loser for not only changing my life, but helping me meet my husband Koli Palu! So get your friends and family and form a team of 5 and let's battle the Holiday Bulge TOGETHER! You can still join and we will place you with others that need team mates...great way to meet new friends on the same track as you! It’s what motivates us to read all three volumes Koli Palu and I are SO excited to announce that Dropit4Life will now be it's own WEIGHT LOSS GYM in Santa Rosa catering to the overweight or out of shape.


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