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By Vanessa Richins Myers Overview: The London plant-tree (Platanus × acerifolia) is a large deciduous tree that is quite resilient in urban conditions.

This tree is a cross between two other sycamore species: Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore) and Platanus orientalis (Oriental plane).

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Acerifolia means that the leaves are like those of maple trees.

The Platanus is the sole genus found in the Platanaceae family.

Other names sometimes seen are Platanus x hispanica and Platanus hybrida.

Common Names: Besides London plane-tree, you may see London plane, hybrid plane, London plane tree or London planetree used.

This tree bears the name of the city of London because of its popular use during the Industrial Revolution.

As factories spewed soot and pollutants into the air, they would settle on the local plants and make them look drab.The London plane-tree, however, has the characteristic of bark exfoliation.The soot-encrusted bark would fall off, leaving a trunk that was clean and aesthetically pleasing.Preferred USDA Hardiness Zones: The best zones for this tree are 5-8.Size & Shape: This tree reaches a mature height of 60-100' tall and can be up to 80' wide. As time passes the branches spread to form into a rounded or irregular shape.Exposure: Choose a planting spot where your London plane-tree will benefit from full sun for the best results. Foliage/Flowers/Fruit: The foliage resembles a maple leaf.

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