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Before she landed her prince and had her fairytale wedding, Kate Middleton was just your average small town girl.

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Unfortunately this can be hard to do when you are a young woman living your life in the public eye!

Adrienne Maloof has been at war with her fellow ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ co-stars, and they are not holding back!

Outspoken Brandi Glanville and normally reserved and polite Lisa Vanderpump have both come out in the media with full blown insults directed at Adrienne Maloof, and more specifically, her plastic surgeried face.

Among other things, Brandi has called the quality of Adrienne’s plastic surgery “discounted rate” and after Adrienne insulted Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Villa Blanca, Lisa mocked photos circulating of Adrienne before plastic surgery.

Only in Hollywood do woman think it’s fair game to insult someone for having plastic surgery, when they too have gone under the plastic surgeons knife!

So just how much plastic surgery has Adrienne Maloof had, and is it really that bad?

Adrienne has certainly had her fair share of plastic surgery but it really is nothing more or worse than any of the other housewives.

Adrienne is 51-years old and like all of the other Real Housewives, uses her fair share of Botox and injectible fillers.

She occasionally gets her lips plumped, but nothing too extreme, and she has breast implants.

The two procedures that Adrienne has had, that stand out in a not so good way, are her nose job and what may have been a somewhat recent facelift.

Although Adrienne keeps pictures of herself before she had rhinoplasty surgery hidden away, her nose has obviously been worked on.

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