British dating companies average age of internet dating users

Finally, thanks to Bill Maris for helping bring this idea to life and getting Art involved, and to Sergey Brin for consistently supporting 10X thinking like this.

It’s hard for many companies to make long term investments.

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This is a great development from the leaders of companies that revolutionized and invented ( in the case of Genentech) tech and biotech.

 have always said that technology and development can help a lot in improving our quality of life, and now with the new advances in stem cells regenerate allowing many parts of our body and cure many diseases, also research and decomposition of our DNA, etc ... , take a look at what these guys are working on, they might make a good partner for the new company: "piccolo" passo in avanti per tutta l'umanità!

si è passati dalla filosofia del "non fare del male" a quella di "migliorare la qualità della vita" e non è cosa da poco!!

I’m excited to announce Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases. That’s a lot different from what Google does today. But as we explained in our first letter to shareholders, there’s tremendous potential for technology more generally to improve people’s lives.

Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, will be Chief Executive Officer. So don’t be surprised if we invest in projects that seem strange or speculative compared with our existing Internet businesses.

And please remember that new investments like this are very small by comparison to our core business.

Art and I are excited about tackling aging and illness.

These issues affect us all—from the decreased mobility and mental agility that comes with age, to life-threatening diseases that exact a terrible physical and emotional toll on individuals and families.

And while this is clearly a longer-term bet, we believe we can make good progress within reasonable timescales with the right goals and the right people.

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