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(E) "Adhesive" means any substance that is used to bond one surface to another surface.

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(I) "Air contaminant source," for the purpose of this chapter, means each separate operation, or activity that results or may result in the emission of any of the following air contaminants:(1) An air contaminant or precursor of an air contaminant for which a national ambient air quality standard has been adopted under the Clean Air Act.

(2) An air contaminant for which the source is regulated under the Clean Air Act.

(3) A toxic air contaminant as listed in rule 3745-114-01 of the Administrative Code.

[Comment: For dates and availability of non-regulatory government publications, publications of recognized organizations and associations, federal rules, and federal statutory provisions referenced in this rule, see paragraph (LLLLLL) of this rule titled "referenced materials."](A) Except as otherwise provided in this rule, the definitions in rules 3745-15--21-01 of the Administrative Code shall apply to this chapter.

(B) "Acid rain program" means the program contained within Title IV of the Clean Air Act.

(C) "Actual emissions" means the actual rate of emissions of a regulated NSR pollutant from an emissions unit, as determined under this paragraph, except that this definition shall not apply for calculating whether a significant emissions increase, as defined in this rule, has occurred, or for establishing a PAL under rule 3745-31-33 of the Administrative Code.(1) Actual emissions as of a particular date shall equal the average rate, in tons per year, at which the emissions unit actually emitted the pollutant during a consecutive twenty-four-month period which precedes the particular date and which is representative of normal emissions unit operation.The director shall allow the use of a different time period upon a determination that it is more representative of normal emissions unit operation.Actual emissions shall be calculated using the emissions unit's actual operating hours, production rates and types of materials processed, stored or combusted during the selected time period.(2) The director may presume that emissions unit-specific allowable emissions for the emissions unit are equivalent to the actual emissions of the emissions unit.(3) For any emissions unit that has not begun normal operations on the particular date, actual emissions shall equal the potential to emit of the emissions unit on that date.(D) "Actuals PAL" for a major stationary source means a PAL based on the baseline actual emissions of all emissions units at the source that emit or have the potential to emit the PAL pollutant.

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