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Edith was the 'other woman' in the murder of Michael's father.She tell Michael that she and his father were only good friends, and that his father loved him deeply.She also tells Michael that his killer mother never loved his father, and cursed him as he was dying.

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He passes out after being punched, and is taken to the back room of the club where Ruth cares for him.

Happy leaves to discuss bootleg liquor purchases with another gangster, Jim.

(Huntley Gordon.) As he exits, doorman Tim asks if he can leave early to visit is ailing wife, but Happy refuses.

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The supporting cast includes George Raft and Hedda Hopper (before she became a noted gossip columnist).

The movie was directed by Hobart Henley and features an early Busby Berkeley music number, "Who's Your Little Who-Zis".

On a cold winter's night outside Happy's Nightclub, Irish-American police officer Ryan (Robert Emmett O'Connor) chats with African-American doorman Tim Washington (Clarence Muse), who is worried about his critically ill wife.

Inside, club owner Happy (Boris Karloff) is arguing with his shrewish but glamorous wife Jill (Dorothy Revier) and welcoming frequent customers Ed Powell (George Raft), a crooked gambler, and Michael Rand (Lew Ayres).

Rand is a wealthy college boy who watched his mother kill his father after catching him with another woman, a case widely covered by the tabloids. Backstage, gambler Powell asks chorus girl Ruth Taylor (Mae Clarke) for a date and, after losing an impromptu bet, she agrees to go out with him.


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