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And they have a no refund policy stating that they let you try it for free first so you should have been sure before you purchased. Use your common sense: Women are usually not likely to make first contact.Obviously I was sure because I let them charge my card, but they straight up LIED about the price. Every message a guy gets should be treated sceptically.

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Contact real and authentic looking profiles and trsut me: You wil find plenty of them on Cougarlife.

If you follow some simple rules you will sure get in touch witha few older women.

I am not sure if it is the number one cougar site but it is a nice site if you use your common sense. Some very fine milfs and hotties out there to hit up and try to hook up with.

The Los Angeles-based company is offering 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MBs of data to UK customers that are ‘free for life’.

A screenshot from the app showing a user's account is pictured left, but 200MBs of data is unlikely to suit moderate or heavy phone users (stock image right) particularly if they watch videos According to screenshots, it appears customers can use more data than they have, meaning that if fellow Freedom Pop friends don't gift them any, or they don't fill out enough surveys, they will have to pay for the extra data they have used, at a rate of one pence per MB.‘The U. has had many mobile providers and services enter the market, but none of them offer a completely new business model enabling free service, guaranteed for life,’ Stephen Stokols, Freedom Pop chief executive and co-founder said.

Always had a thing for hot older chicks and only just realised there are proper (not scam) dating sites that exist just to help people like me!

As soon as I found out I bought three subscriptions and im loving it.

Cougarlife is great and is probably the best known (you see it advertised quite a lot online if you look up cougar stuff) but ive also loved using its not a well known I dont think but its probably my top pick so far.

Its still all new to me but to say im busy with chats is an understatement! I got some messages so obviously I figured I'll upgrade and give it a shot, it said the total was only 39.00 including 5.00 access fee.


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