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Desde la Escuela Life Skatepark llevamos más de 3 años trabajando para que la escena cántabra tenga un buen futuro, y es ahora cuando podemos disfrutar de ese trabajo viendo como todos estos chavales disfrutan y ripan el parque con gran soltura.

Aunque no están todos, en este clip podréis ver a Felipe, Patry, Silvia, Leo, Noah, Alex, Abraham y Luis pegándose una buena sesión.

Una gran alternativa de skate para las tardes sin cole del mes de Junio.

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Con muy poco tiempo patinando, Patry se ha convertido en una joven promesa del skate femenino en rampa, su estilo y progresión no dejan indiferente a nadie.

Aquí la vemos dando caña en la escuela de Life Skatepark junto a su profe Guillermo.

US magazine has reprinted an erotic cuckold dream that Tiger Woods reportedly sent to one of his alleged mistresses.

Woods told "Rachel" in an email that he envisioned her having sex with Derek Jeter and “[My husband and I] have an agreement that we’ll always be honest -- and if sex happens with another person, that’s not a deal breaker for us.

That’s not something where we’ll have to say, ‘Oh God, we’ve got to go to divorce court because you cheated on me.’ In 2006 or so, I started seeing the first mini-fad of erotic cuckolding confessions, which started to proliferate on Craigslist.

More elaborate versions subsequently arrived in the form of manuscripts in my mailbox -- authors seeking to publish on the subject.

It was still an "embarrassing" fantasy -- none of the people who sent me fiction wanted to use their real name in print."It surprises me to no end that the sexual fetish of cuckoldry, once thought of as a disability, could be shared by so many people.

The cuckolding fetish has an element of surprise, along with a bittersweet emotional masochism."Another key to the fetish, from the perspective of the cuckold, is that of eroticizing as a defense mechanism.

When someone you care about expresses their interest in another person, you wrestle with your inadequacies.

This fight may take on different forms, in many cases with the ultimate rejection of your lover."Many people may think of this as abhorrent, as tantamount to abuse, while others believe it’s an essential part of their sexual health.

I don’t know; I’m only trying to describe something that I’ve thought about for a long time."Some may find putting oneself second to be deleterious to one’s emotional health; others find something beautiful in the idea of loving your partner so much that you become attracted to whatever role he or she plays, whatever the two of you become.


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