Danger of online dating facts

Let’s face it ladies, you all love to watch those horror movies and yell at the girl on screen naively putting herself in harm’s way of a psychopath.And you love to watch the romantic movies of the finding Mr.Right (Who is always devilishly handsome by the way) in the most random chance meetings.

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* Of that 41.25 million people, an estimated 10% are sex offenders.

* Consider that an estimated 33% of women have sex on a first online date*, the numbers become staggering.

As a former detective, these are statistics I find hard to fathom.

Let’s consider how your online dating profile may put you at risk.

Anything that identifies your exact location can put you at risk.

This includes pictures of you at work, in a restaurant or bar, etc.Anywhere that someone familiar with your city could easily find.Consider instead, putting your location at a nearby town.Close enough for you to meet someone but not to close they could track you down without you even knowing it.The key to a safe first meeting is keeping as much anonymity as possible. The one thing I find that bothers me the most as a former Detective is women who place pictures of them with their kids on their online dating profiles.You control where a first meeting will take place and always drive yourself. Remember, he may not look exactly like his profile picture. Consider for a moment that the man who contacts you for a date is not actually interested in you. A respectful man will always consider the fact that a woman may have a child.


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