Dangerous dating websites

When launching a website, one of the most important decisions that you have to make is selecting a good web hosting company for hosting a website, for which you have worked hard to design and develop.

While the importance of selecting the right CMS and hiring a good designer is outlined in every other technology blog or magazine nowadays, hardly anyone talks about the importance of a good web host.

That’s why we have prepared this web hosting guide, that will help beginners and experts to choose a good host.

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After all, you wouldn’t want your visitors to find your site offline 9 times out of the 10 visits that they pay to your website, would you? While the allure of earning big bucks by getting others to click on links is tempting, I have ensured that this article is totally unbiased – trust me, this article does not contain affiliate links because 1WD knows the importance of a proper web host.

Here at 1WD, we have taken upon ourselves to help you find the ideal web host.

In this article I shall be discussing the things that you need to consider, plus the things that you do not need to consider (or, in other words, things that need to be avoided), and then finally wind up the discussion with a small round-up of some major web hosting providers.

And, most importantly, unlike the zillions of web hosting related articles that you’ll find on the internet, this one does not have any affiliate links.

Image Credit What matters is picking the ideal hosting package for you.

If you have a personal blog or a small website, shared hosting will suffice.

But you should consider a dedicated server or a VPS if you have a large website that generates a good deal of traffic.

Also, make sure you have ample space and bandwidth in your plan.

The worst thing that can happen is to see your website growing, and then noticing that there isn’t enough room for it to grow anyway.


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