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Other traits found on the Web site's "loser" list: non-symmetrical faces or bodies, bald spots, middle parts (i.e., with regard to your hair; they do want people with stomachs -- preferably taut, tan, flat ones), ski-jump noses, saggy boobs, large gaps between teeth (sorry, Letterman! I hadn't even shown these people my photo and I'd already been voted off the island. So I did what any normal red-blooded single would do: I lied. If you're ugly, we're a little pissed off that you're clogging up our servers, but you'll be voted out soon enough." Now that I'd been allowed into the inner sanctum (at least for the time being), I found their clever little barbs much more enjoyable.), disproportionately large ears, and something truly distressing for many of us here in the Pacific Northwest, pasty skin. A few mouse clicks here and white lies there (sure, I was born in 1973), and an e-mail appeared in my in box like that eagerly awaited invite to Troy Sutton's seventh-grade dance. And that went double for the "possible matches" the Web site sent my way.

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There were no badly doctored wedding pics here, no batches of blurry-faced men with evergreens rising out of their caps like extras dressed for the Burnham Wood scene in "Macbeth." These guys were, in a word, gorgeous -- and I hated myself just a little for succumbing to the Web site's siren song of superficiality. Obviously, physical attraction is a key element when it comes to the dating and mating game; sadly, for some, it's the only element.

After all, the idea behind these new prettier-than-thou sites -- Beautiful People.net, Dream Matches.com, Hotenough.org, The nz -- was like some crazy experiment in "master race" dating. What sign would be tacked to the clubhouse door next? But to gleefully embrace the notion that "beauty equals worth" -- especially in a day and age when our aesthetic leans heavily toward breast enhancements, Botox injections and steroid-inspired musculature -- seemed almost dangerously shallow.

No, they weren't owned and operated by Nazis, but their promise of an "above average dating pool" where you could "breed with your own kind" seemed slightly reminiscent of past forays into eugenics. If we continued to naturally select for brutally hot beauty above everything else -- brains, humor, kindness, substance -- were we doomed to become a world full of fabulously vain morons? As I rea D some of the profiles, I wondered if we were headed there already. It was from Darwin Dating telling me that while I hadn't been rejected (yet), they didn't like the picture I sent them: "Yep, that's an ugly shot, all right. " I probably did, but I decided it was time to end my brief sojourn into the Valley of the Beautiful People. I was too old, too flawed, and I had an annoying tendency to value goofy things like personality and a love of literature over perfect abs and a passing resemblance to Lindsay Lohan.

You don't have to be single with our Darwin matchmaker at your fingertips! Ladies afraid I am no longer available as I have met the most wonderful person through this medium.

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I finally had some success just prior to thinking that it never going to happen on a dating site. Well Spice I am signing out now as I no longer need to be here.Last week's brutally hot weather nearly did me in (it's pretty bad when a single woman's fantasies all start to involve air conditioning), but after perusing the latest thing in online dating, I realized brutally hot is what it's all about these days. For the uninitiated, Darwin Dating is one of several new online sites devoted exclusively to beautiful people or hotties or whatever you want to call those fabulous beings who never seem to have to worry about thinning hair or spinach in their teeth or what an old co-worker of mine used to call "lunch lady arms" (you know, the kind that keep waving long after your hand has stopped).Touted as an elite alternative to dating sites filled with "ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos" (as they so charmingly refer to the masses on Match, Yahoo, Nerve, e Harmony and the rest of the "riffraff" sites), Darwin Dating promises "online dating minus the ugly people." Who, exactly, are these ugly people?Redheads and/or anyone with freckles, for starters.At least that's what I learned when I started surfing around this exclusive little pool.Also people with cackly laughs or webbed toes or anybody with teeth that aren't perfectly straight and gleaming white or clothes that might be a teensy bit out of fashion. In the name of research, I clicked to the "Join for free! And that's when I discovered you can't join the club if you're over 35 because, as the FAQ page so diplomatically put it, "after 35, your looks tend to start fading and we don't want that on our site." Great.


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  3. I have nothing against guys my age; I have tried dating them, but I have constantly come across the following:– They're not ambitious enough, or they don’t have a go-getter attitude.– They're not financially stable.– They still want to date around.– They have had baby mama or ex-wife drama.– They don't have their sh*t together.

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