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We're told Calvin doesn't want back in a relationship anytime soon, and he shouldn't have much of a problem ...

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Welcome to Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Narberth and Paoli, PA.proudly serving Philadelphia and its suburbs.

We are experts at teachingbeginners and we specialize in allforms of Ballroom and Social Dancing.

By Ramon Johnson Gay male dancers are popular in many gay bars. If you're not perfectly comfortable with your physique, it'll show. Note how the dancers interact with the crowd and the bar staff: Is the audience allowed to touch the dancers? Some are more flashy than others, but most fit the personality of the dancer. You can be ticketed and fined for dancing illegally, so know the law. Get to know other dancers before you decide to make a move.

Whether on top of a crowded bar top in skimpy clads or a part of an actual stage performance, gay go go dancing is a reality for some gay men and a fantasy for many others. Not all dancers are body beautiful and not all venues require you to be picture perfect. Over time, the audience gets to know the personality of the dancer and can anticipate the style of clothing he will wear. Knowing other dancers can help you assess the industry.

There are ways to become a gay male dancer, yet avoid the underbelly of the industry. Set your own personal body image target and stick to it. Ask them about the current pay rate in your area, which is usually a flat fee plus tips.

Set a few things straight before becoming a gay male dancer. The money and adventure of dancing may appeal to you, but does your own internal moral gage support the desire? Pick a stage name that will appeal to you and the crowd. Pay rates are usually negotiated with the bar owner or show producer.


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