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It wasn't that I had issues with the individuals at some of these gatherings; I just didn't feel the need to support my partners' every time they chose to connect with their families.

I recall witnessing my own family quite happy when in-laws, girlfriends and boyfriends were no shows every now and then.

They simply wanted to spend some time with their relatives without their better half always around.

Meeting someone's new girlfriend or boyfriend, in-laws, extended relatives, half sisters and brothers, etc.

can be particularly burdensome especially around holidays. We don't always want to be around our own intermediate family much less the aunt of the cousin whose friend is a friend of..know the feeling.

When you are involved with someone who really enjoys the company of his or her family a little more than you do, the last thing you want to do is hurt him or her, so you go along to get along month after month or year after year until one day a light bulb goes off, "I don't want to keep doing this!

A age gap dating advice blog that provides valuable tips when dating older men and younger women.

Thought-provoking relationship tips for older men seeking to date younger women.

Please be advised to seek a professional for serious issues.Contributors are not all licensed or trained in relationship counseling. When I first started dating in my youth, I always found myself either accepting or declining an invite to attend my dates' family events.I will be the first to admit, I wasn't always eager to meet my companions' kin especially when I knew there was no future with them.Later in life, I would have long term relationships and find that some people were okay about occasional cancellations and others not so much.The negative talk would start about "Why didn't you come?" along with questions to see how close was I to my own family.


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