imatch dating service - Dating guys in their 20s

She's hardly going to leave you off for two weeks in Magaluf with the lads who are all single without constantly checking up on you. Whether it's off for a bike ride to keep fit with the lads or using it anti socially to become the pyromaniac you always dreamed of your path is your own.

You want to be able to let loose..just ain't gonna be able to if you ain't single. You can go on numerous dates with numerous different personalities rather than being stuck with one.

Dating all round you doesn't make you a slut, what it also doesn't make you is naive.

Rather than sticking with one person and realising in your mid thirties you were blinded by regular sex and that this person you've been with is the polar opposite of what you need.

At this stage of your life (well, after college anyway) your career is the number one priority and distractions can prove a hindrance to your progression.

Whether its playing or watching, you can do what you want.

OK so while a massive generalisation across the board, there are those of you who will say what is below is total poppycock, however it isn't.

Being single in a decade whereby you sculpt your career and goals for the future is the best decade of your life to be single.

The temptations are endless and you should be able to taste them guilt free.

Now I am well aware the are those of you out there who won't see eye to eye with me on this, but that's exactly why, you're stuck in the one thing I say you shouldn't be in.

So do me a favour, meet me half way and try it out! Here's why guys are better off being single in their twenties.

You are at the age where your mother can no longer be responsible for your choice of clothing, however being single means you don't have to be in the position whereby the new lady in your life takes over.

I'm telling you...she'll have you in those skinny jeans and salmon shirts.

And I don't mean a kick ass t shirt with a salmon on the front. Okay, I'm not saying you wouldn't be able to go on a guys holiday if you weren't single but you won't get the full enjoyment from it.


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