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We live one hour apart and see each other on weekends only.

Since his mom retired and moved in with him, she’s strained our relationship.

She doesn't drive and won’t get her license, so my boyfriend must drive her everywhere, especially on weekends (our date night), to run her errands.

At Christmas, she insisted he cancel a planned trip with me to pay her fare to visit her relatives overseas.

She also suggested he not waste money on gourmet food and wine so he didn't plan for our annual New Year's Eve celebration together. Or try to prevent them from spending time with each other?

Friends say he’s become a Mama's Boy and that she’s selfish and controlling, and if we marry, she might abuse me. - Sidelined The problem’s your boyfriend more than Mama.A reasonable amount of respectful involvement is natural when living with a parent; it shouldn’t mean neglecting to celebrate New Year’s Eve because of maternal pressure.A commitment of some time to help her is reasonable, but since you only have weekends together, it’s up to him to arrange time alone with you.Since he’s not doing so – and not recognizing the hurt to you and your relationship – he’s not ready to consider an independent union with you. you’ll look the Bad Guy, which Mama will surely note. Since the birth of our only child together, I feel my husband doesn’t respect me anymore. But when I went on maternity leave, he quit his job and started his own business.Explain your concerns about losing connection with each other. Our child hardly sleeps and I’m exhausted and have little energy for my husband.His family are always visiting, always “interjecting;” his mother baby-sits her daughters’ children despite living five hours away, and does anything to solve even their minor issues.

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