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Note: We aggressively take action against frauds and scammers.If you request favours or money from anyone through Christian Gays your name will be posted permanently on this page. If you have found us through another dating service, please consider joining our Connections Dating Service as an alternative.

They can set their camera or webcam on delay to shoot it.

If they give you excuses or keep putting you off, be warned that you may be dealing with a scammer.

For much more information, check out Romance Scams including their Scammer Photo Album.

Nigerian 419 scammer FAQ's Click Here for Scammers from Ghana - info from US Embassy for Ghana See our current List of Scammers.

It is a sad fact that we must deal with people who will try to take advantage of others.

Very often, gay men, especially older gay men, can be very susceptible to the advances of someone who appears to "fall in love" with them very quickly.

Please, if someone seems to want to be in a relationship within a very short period of time, or if they immediately try to generate sympathy for recent events in their life, BEWARE!

If they ask you to remove your profile from the Dating Service, BEWARE!

If they immediately want to leave Connections and use IM or email, BEWARE!


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  5. When you see someone you think fits your idea of a perfect date, send that person a personal message or email immediately.

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