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1in6 has partnered with RAINN to launch the Peer Support Group (PSG), a new online service for peer-to-peer support among male survivors.Men can access the Peer Support Group during 90-minute sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday.These sessions are currently limited to 12 users per group to ensure that each participant receives the attention and security they deserve. The Advocacy Resource Center (ARC) is a direct service program that provides assistance to survivors of crime.

All records are confidential and are protected under Federal and Tribal law.

The Alliance Against Violence and Abuse, Inc., assists survivors of both domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as to anyone seeking more information. is a nonprofit agency dedicated to improving opportunities for all people who are abused.

Our goal is to offer support, advocacy, encouragement, and to make options clear and available.

This organization conducts research and takes action to promote human rights and end discrimination of all kinds.

Amnesty International strives to motivate the public and help transform communities in order to create a safer and more just world.

Its Stop Violence Against Women Campaign strives to break the silence surrounding violence against women and create a world where all girls and women can experience freedom from violence and other social injustices.

The organization was formed in 1996 and incorporated in 2001 by former victims of relationship and family violence for the purposes of assisting others to find resources, receive guidance, and enjoy the support and empathy of others.

ACCESS is an organization of people who are dedicated to empowering and enabling individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive, culturally sensitive, and fulfilling lives.

This organization honors its Arab American heritage while serving as a non-profit model of excellence as a social service agency.

We see ACCESS as an organization dedicated to the support of community building, actively focused on service to those in need within the broader community, to newly arrived immigrants, and as a strong advocate for cultural and social entrepreneurship, as well as the values of community service, healthy lifestyles, education, and philanthropy.

In April 1977, a group called the Jackson Area Council for Battered Women was formed because of its concern for family violence, the problems violence creates, and the lack of services available for victims in the area.

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