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It’s a minimalist style with a long history and subtle philosophy behind it, not exactly the best thing to try and show a bunch of distracted adolescent kids.

A new version of the Flash browser plugin has been released. Download - Release Notes As you may have heard, Quick Time has some security vulnerabilities, and there have been recommendations to uninstall it, since Apple is no longer updating it.

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We have written a tutorial that shows you how to install only the essential components, and skip the insecure ones (such as the web browser plugin). Download A new version of the codec pack has been released.

Download Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 yesterday.

This is a major update and it is installed as a full upgrade of Windows.

Suet Lam , Jennii Caroline , Nobuhiro Yamashita , Jason Crowe , Supergirl , Crimes and Mister Meanors , The Surprise , Saved by Grace , Sandra Brown's White Hot , Run for Your Life , Reluctant Witness , Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , Michael Dwyer , Ola Bola , Love by Chance , Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland , Jeffrey Wright , Apocalypse Nerd , 13 Cameras , Christian Vincent , Phil Burke , One Wild Moment , The Colony , Chuck Russell , Kevin Smith , Sky , Nick Cheung , Elizabeth M.

Screengrabber Adrian Peterson Injured, Then Dragged Through Some Kind Of Restaurant | Jezebel What’s Up With Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

| Gizmodo The Secret i Phone 7 Weaknesses Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know | Jezebel Here’s a Complete List of Winners From the 68th Emmy Awards |If you still haven’t upgraded your home network to 802.11ac, or if you just want to fill in a few dead zones in the corners of your home, Amazons running a huge sale today on routers, range extenders and more from TP-Link.

It’s one thing to look like DC villain Deathstroke, it’s another to build your cosplay outfit so that it could actually protect you from Batman punching you in the head.

Or..guy smacking you around with a piece of timber.

And an axe., the final expansion for the game everyone wishes people would stop talking about, and everyone else wishes they could stop playing, is almost upon us.

My fingers are getting twitchy just thinking about it.

One day, my 8th grade art teacher decided to try and teach his class sumi-e, the Japanese art of Ink wash painting.

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