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seems to be located on dedicated hosting on the IP address from the Internet Service Provider Serverel Corp located in Netherlands.

The dedicated hosting IP of appears to be hosting 36 additional websites along with

The dedicated hosting IP of appears to be hosting 40 additional websites along with

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The interface looks good and most of the changes were made around the new functionalities for effective dating.

The reports look prettier and also have new security/privacy features.

More reports are available and they work “out-of-the-box”.

As far as I know these reports are still not very customizable, so it will be important to make sure they satisfy the reporting needs.

This is a feature I described earlier when discussing versioning.

Effective dating allows to give a certain value to an object between certain dates, and a different value between other dates.

This can be used to track changes to teams and reporting releationships, job or role changes, promotions, name changes, targets, etc.

For example, if a person’s salary goes up from ,000 to ,000 on March 31st, the original version will show a salary of ,000 and a new version will be created with an effective date of March 31st and a salary of ,000.

Effective dating is extremely useful because rather than scrambling to make changes before a payroll date, changes can be done at anytime.

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