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The best way to consolidate debt varies by individual, depending on your financial circumstances and preferences.

For some, the best way to consolidate debt may be paying off smaller balances first and then adding those payments to the bigger bills until those are paid off.

Others might consider transferring balances to one credit card or getting a consolidation loan.

Then the debt grows, and you can find yourself in financial trouble quickly.

You can avoid falling into debt before it happens, however.

Here are some tips to achieve this: Despite anyone's diligence in managing their money wisely, sometimes financial hardships happen because of a job loss, medical condition, divorce, or other life events.

If you have problems making ends meet, contact your creditors or a legitimate non-profit agency that specializes in credit counseling services for assistance.

Do this as soon as possible to see how consolidated debt can help relief the burden of financial stresses.

The longer you wait, the more challenges you'll encounter.

Consolidating debt is often your best alternative in these situations, and a counselor can help you with the process.

The best way to consolidate debt is to consolidate in a way that avoids taking on additional debt.

If you're facing a rising mound of unsecured debt, the best strategy is to consolidate it through a credit counseling agency.

When you use this method to consolidate bills, you're not borrowing more money.

Instead, your unsecured debt payments are consolidated into one monthly payment to the agency, which in turn pays your creditors each month.

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