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In the Millennium city you can get anything you want.

You can can even find women from Europe the CIS and specifically Russia who roam freely in the evening night clubs dancing up a sweet sweat sporting European style club dress (or almost lack of) and enjoying their vacations in warm exotic India. Your whole objective is to get their these vacationing women’s mobile numbers, so you better not be shy.

The question is, if India has so many beautiful Hindi, Bihari and Punjabi girls, and they do, then why are many guys in this North Central India dreaming of meeting a Russian girl? I use to have a little black book just for that purpose, it is cooler than typing it in your cell phone.

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This is another conversation but basically genetic diversity is a good thing in nature and affinity to world views and psychological disposition is a positive thing in long-term relationships.

Even me, I live in sub-tropical Florida, on an island mind you, yet would love to go to experience the enticing tropical city of Delhi, a city where anything is possible if you dream, even true love.

I am married so that is not my dream to find a bride but just enjoy the culture and cuisine of the sub-Asian continent.

The famous nursery rhyme born out of a 19th-century poem, is among the first things that we learn in our lives.

It is then fair to assume that from an early age each one of us, male or female is fascinated by the shiny distant objects that sparkle in the night sky.

Given this early psychological setting, witnessing a blanket of stars cover the dark sky at night is always breath-taking.

And yet, such a sight is as rare as seeing a double rainbow, a shooting star or a frozen waterfall.

Why it is becoming increasingly difficult to witness a star studded sky even in moderately populated cities of the world?

This feature explains the reason while also telling you about places where one can indulge in the magic of star-gazing.


  1. On the right is a scene from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia, where the eye can feast on acres of beautifully manicured gardens, greenhouse displays of blooming orchids, and exotic tropical butterflies.

  2. While most gay men employ modern apps such as Grindr and Scruff to locate potential hookups, it appears many Republicans are still relying on Craiglist’s antiquated M4M pages.

  3. I am not going to teach you to program, you will need a understanding of the very basics at least, but hopefully I will teach you how to program a little bit better.

  4. Are you hoping to meet a single person for a long lasting, loving relationship?

  5. This is a feature available to all members during private shows.

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