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Frank Hathaway, Jacob Van Dyk, Theron Metcalf, Louis De Kraker.

Nicholas Matzen, Joseph Schneider, Peter Steffes, Herman Sneeden. Dean, Hiram Tibbitt, George Moorman, John Brown, Thomas Brown.

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Peterson, Frank Miles, Patterson Sankey, Samuel Mountford, Abraham Boyer, Joel M.

Flagg, John Schroeder, Armon Waite, Andrew Schoumaker, William Sankey, John W.

Downs, Theodore Rosegrants, William Porter, Stephen G.

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894[ Names within brackets are reported in letters.

Benton, Samuel Thompson, Peter Snider, Norman Kunzi. Chester Township – George Brott, William Mc Cune, Daniel F.

John Gilbert, Christian Laubach, Thomas Gillhespy, S.

Knepper, Peter Wagner, Daniel Alt, Edward Wagner, Valentine Schafer, Isaac J.

Peter Krey, John Omlor, Adelbert Hatton, Erastus Shafer.

Richmond, William Humphrey, Erastus Cornwell, Orange A.


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