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This is something she has always done (since 18 months) and seems to be a self soothing activity. School have phoned me this morning with regard to concerns about my daughter rocking in her chair at school.She has stopped doing it at home, except privately - but she does it in school, apparently an awful lot.

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I think we can get on top of the behaviour (at least I hope so!

) by introducing a stress ball as an alternative activity, but it has made me think ...

These are the things that are 'red flags' in my head - Ever since she was tiny, she has 'rocked' rhythmically on the floor from side to side, as if rolling, often when there is a loud noise in the room.

This is not a distressed movement, it seems to make her happy.

- She has meltdowns that she finds it very very hard to recover from, although this has improved slightly over the past year.

- Mood swings and tantrums, as bad as you would expect from a teenager - usually set off by something happening that she had not expected or did not anticipate (EG: forgetting to take an object to school that she had planned to) - She has had phases of things she likes to do constantly (IE - watching the same DVD, playing the DS) often for hours at a time. - She is very 'blunt' and 'straightforward' with other people.She will say or do things that can be quite hurtful, but not in a way that is malicious.When you point it out to her, she just looks confused.- She can behave in a very antagonistic way towards everyone in the house, more than you would expect from a child.- she is sensitive to clothes that annoy her, although this has improved lately (at 3 years old - she couldn't bear socks or any clothes with a seam.She could scream about them for 45 minutes) - I find I have to 'over explain' things a lot.


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