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Snorre records the death of King Eirik Eymundson when King Harald had been "ten years king of all Norway"[9].

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Cambridge University Press, 1921.] Erik Anundsson (d.

882) is the son of Anund Uppsale in Hervarar saga but is called Eymundsson by Snorri Sturluson.

Since the preceeding king is confirmed as Anund by other sources (Rimbert and Adam of Bremen), Anundsson is probably the correct form of the patronym.

Profile managers: Betty Hewett [send private message], Roger Travis [send private message], Anonymous S [send private message], Sheri Sturm [send private message], and Roger Wehr [send private message] EMUND . The conclusion must be that the tight family network described in the Sagas is unlikely to be correct and that the relationships shown below should be treated with considerable caution.

Precise chronology is also difficult to assess from the Sagas….

Relationships between historical figures could have been simplified or even fabricated in the text to give the impression that succession remained within the same family….

Lands/NORWEGIAN%20There is a disagreement as to the correct father. ERIK EMUNDSSON REIGNED FROM 880 TO 885 Erik Björnsson was one of the sons of Björn Ironside and a semi-legendary king of Sweden of the House of Munsö, who would have lived in the early 9th century.

One of the few surviving Scandinavian sources that deal with Swedish kings from this time is Hervarar saga.

It says: “ The sons of Björn Ironside were Eric and Refil. King Eric ruled the Swedish Realm after his father, and lived but a short time.


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