Filipina dating scam list

Good looking , I am just bald , and I have to say it caused me trouble also there ..

don't know why , I mean for some girls I wasn t so good looking , maybe because of bald hairs .

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I hadn't any problem paying the site , just because I use a prepaid card , so I don't care if they renew the subscription .

However the experience with the girls , we as white west men think that Asian or Philippinas are different, serious , conservative , that's why I was there indeed .

Actually for that I met online , they don't look so different from west girls , from the many girls I met , the most of them were sex experienced , a few of them to catch your attention tried to say, they are virgin .. The girls of the site is not a question of scammers , as far as I know life is tough there , the commerce is difficult so people have problems to earn a living .

Most of girls didn't ask me for money , just one girl because after a few days she said she was starving at the University without money so I sent her 30 , just to help her , then she kept again asking money , and I said "sorry I don't know you , I can't ", she never spoke me again , and we were friends on facebook .

All girls in the beginning they look interesting and you can create something , after a while they drop chatting to you , even via facebook , and if you say hello to them they seem quite bothered .

Since I am a proud man , I don't chat to them anymore .

Maybe they drop chatting because they think in a short time relationship , so if you can go there as soon as possible is ok , if not , they have a lack of interest , it seems to me very childish and stupid .

Also a few girls were a bit rude with me , in the beginning they chatted with me they gave me their facebook , afterwards they didn't chat anymore , and seemed busy , they have so many foreigners in their facebook when they are good looking , it seems like hunting ..

, don't like that , also I met a few of them with American boyfriend , but they have different boyfriends in the same time ,and they were not bar girls as someone wrote above , since the moment they have so many men writing to them , American from their facebook are the 70% of the men they meet online .


  1. On June 15, 2016 Korean Time, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station and C-Je S Entertainment announced that the Yoochun sex assault charges have been dropped.

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