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Due to privacy reasons, I cannot be identified by my employer, nor are we allowed to reveal confidential information about our clients, whether a customer or not our customer.I can only be allowed to say that ROOSH V's legal name is Daryush Valizadeh and he has a U. phone number for contact and he provided us briefly his American passport as identification.

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He did not disclose too much information, but when asked about the purpose of this meeting, he mentioned something about awareness of Emmett Till and American history.

He did not mention anything about feminism or women in Toronto.

I am giving you the heads up that ROOSH V is in Toronto, and he is planning a very huge event.

You said that cost of living comparing Toronto and Warsaw shows that in Toronto is higher about 67%. Cost of coffee, cook and other restaurant things are same.

Gasoline is chipper in Toronto, cars too, dresses too.

Take salaries, minus price of 1 bedroom out of center, you will have left in Toronto 00 in Warsaw 0.

Spending for food twice more then in Warsaw, you still have 0 left, in Warsaw, nothing left. We want to keep the idiots out all the while making money off redneck morons.

If Gasoline and clouding prices will let you buy enough food in Warsaw. Anyone who thinks a color is a nationality deserves to be poor and out of TO.

Torontoman can't get a girl and it's everyone else's fault! Dear Editorial at National Post, I have spotted the infamous blogger ROOSH V in Toronto.

You can blame feminism and whores, but it's you dude. He went into my workplace today to enquire about renting a large meeting room.

My workplace is at Hilton Hotel and Resorts in downtown Toronto.


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