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ASCII Converter was originally a Chinese language app that was translated to English by Boost Apps reader Jayanta Roy.

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It also shows the C for any character or vice-versa.

It also displays the characters Basic language chr$()code (labeled "MB" for unknown reasons) and it's HTML entity (labeled "Harmony").

This is the latest version 1.9.92 of the Nimbuzz IM app was released in 2014.

I don't know what's new in this release as Nimbuzz didn't bother to issue release notes or do a blog post about it.

It does look like Yahoo Messenger support has been dropped since version 1.98.1.

Nimbuzz is a multi-platform IM and Chat app that lets you connect with your friends using Facebook Chat, Google Talk and Nimbuzz Chat which features chat rooms and group chat.The app "Nimbuzz" (595 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename: "Nim Buzz1992" Downloading uses paid data.ONE Browser, formerly called QQ browser, is a lightweight web browser from Chinese social networking giant Tencent.It's a proxy browser like Opera Mini meaning that all web traffic goes through a cloud based proxy server that compress and optimizes web pages for faster loading and lower data usage.Webcamking has withstood the test of time by constantly improving its website by adding features, updating layouts to match the times, and adding a large number of active models.Nimbuzz HD Video Calling allows you to do the next best - see & talk to them without letting the distance in between play spoilsport.


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