Free women bikers sex personals

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Free women bikers sex personals-87

Free women bikers sex personals

A pair of testicles does'nt automatically make you superior.

Fact is I know women who would tear them off and grill them for breakfast you lot of pretend supermen.

I admire strong self determined women with a mind of their own.

Far superior to the majority of men who are simply wannabees and closet wimps.

I know quite a few female riders as i'm a biker myself and regularly go on meets, I have found that alot of them can handle a bike better than most men and quite a few can fix bikes.

Oh, if your wondering only a few were hairy Bollox I not got a picture of me posing on my bike!

lol What about all those models at the bike shows - don't try and tell me that they don't appeal to the mass male population!

If they don't then why are they still their and in the bike mags? everyone's got their bits out nowadays, draped over anything! So are you of the opinion that all women bikers will die due to riding bikes?

Dating a woman biker could certainly have it's benefits. Funny though still.lmao, don't go for a woman with great personality or looks, just make sure she has the same blood type as you....." ello luv want to ride with me, ye cool, what blood type are you, oh A +, sos nah good, byee"not a problem to me, far from it in fact , the more the merrier!!!


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