Fun group dating activities

Of course, watching sports may also inspire you to run around the court yourself.

Things like racquetball, tennis, or golf are great outings for an even number of friends.

If you have a larger group, try volleyball, ice skating, basketball, or even a game of flag football.

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Dinners Depending on the size of your group, you could combine games or a DVD with dinner at your house.

Or, just relax and enjoy the conversation after a meal.

If you enjoy cooking and entertaining at home, this is a good option to have a more quiet, intimate evening.

By Cherie Burbach What’s more fun than hanging out with a large group of friends?

With the right activity, you and your pals can have a great time that will please everyone involved.

Here are some ideas for what to do with four people or more.

Board Games Board games are a good option for a larger group of friends, because it gives everyone a chance to relax and let their silly side come out.

You can also talk while you play, but there isn't pressure to keep the conversation going if there is a lull, because the game will fill the quiet spots.

If you have an even number of people, you could opt for games that allow for team play, such as: Many areas have football, baseball, basketball, or hockey teams, either in big league ranks or at the community level.

Cheering on a team can be a fun activity even if you're not into the sport itself.

Just the atmosphere of getting out and chatting with friends in between plays is enough for a good time.

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