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QUESTION - I saw Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck's new ad on TV, promoting him for the U. Isn't that phone line paid for with taxpayers' money?

However, the phone number listed to call him is the Weld County District Attorney's office at (970) 356-4010.

ANSWER - We called Ken Buck, who said the ad was not paid through his campaign but is from a private group, Americans for Job Security, which is currently airing more than $300,000 worth of pro-Buck television ads.

"We called them and asked them to remove the number and they refused," Buck said.

"They told us they can put on any number they want." Buck said the campaign has only received one call on the DA line.

The proper telephone number for Buck's campaign is (720) 377-1594.

QUESTION - More and more lately, I've seen private business signs on city street poles, medians and public property or right-of-ways.

The city has told us that political signs can't go in those areas. ANSWER - According to Scott Mc Guire of the Greeley Code Enforcement office, business signs are not allowed for off-premise advertising, which means businesses can't advertise except on their own property or on a billboard.

They cannot put private business signs on parkways or the public right-of-way.


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