I am a christian dating a muslim tips for dating a black man

Q: I have known the boy I am now dating for almost 7 years.He is not yet a Christian, but has told me that Christianity is what he wants. His family is Muslim and he feels a lot of pressure to obey them while he is under their roof as well as he wants to make sure that when he commits his life to Christ that it is for the right reasons. My dad is having a real problem with the fact that we are entertaining a dating relationship b/c of what it says in the Bible about equal yoking.I honestly do not know what holds my boyfriend back from committing his life to Christ, but I wish there was some way I could help him without getting in the way.

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Also, my dad does not agree with two people being together who have different religious backgrounds. That would mean that Christians are only supposed to marry those that have been raised as Christians? However, I’m having a tough time finding any evidence. Thanks — LT in Texas A: Hello LT, I believe this is a difficult situation and if I were your father I would have a problem with it too.

Please read my article, Equally Yoked Dating: There are good reasons why God instructs us to not be equally yoked.

I believe the best way you could help him, and yourself, at this point would be to end the relationship with him.

I know that might sound harsh, but I say this for the following reasons: 1) I wonder how interested in Christianity he would be if you weren’t a Christian.

2) Even if he makes a profession of faith he will not be a mature Christian man, which is what you should desire in a husband.

The principle of yoking also applies to the relative strength of the two who are yoked together.

Think about a strong, mature ox yoked to a newborn ox.

The strong ox would pull the plough in a circle and the plough would never get anywhere.

3) With his parents being Muslim (which generally means he is Muslim too) there might never be peace in his family and if you marry him your marriage would cause much difficulty in his life and in his family.

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