International dating sites to find russian women

Single women are constantly told by people around them that they should find a husband.

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In a way, marriage to a foreigner is a step to a greater freedom, which allows a Russian or Ukrainian woman to escape this restrictive social structure and develop her abilities and talents, even though her primary motivation in seeking a partner abroad is to realize herself as a wife and a mother, and not to build a professional career.

Demographically, from about the age of 30 there are more women than men.

Total males to females ratio is 86/100 in Russia and 85/100 in Ukraine.

I often receive media requests about American, Australian, or European men who date Ukrainian or Russian women.

A few months ago a TV researcher from the ABC production team wanted to know in her preparing for a talk show why Ukrainian women strive to marry Australians.

I have been telling the same thing to reporters for already 15 years (my first interview to Cosmopolitan was in 1999) but somehow it seems that the answer to this question is still not crystal clear, or maybe my version doesn’t fit the official interpretation.So, allow me to put it concisely once again, circa 2015.The whole cultural notion in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is: A woman’s happiness is in her family.She is not supposed to feel fulfilled making a career or pursuing her creative passions, but only once she is married with children.Politically, this approach allows the male minority to keep the female majority under control, restricting respectable women’s interests to household duties and self-maintenance (keeping themselves looking beautiful for their husbands).Females are underrepresented in governing bodies, with male chauvinism being an officially acceptable social attitude.


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