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Not in the sense that everyone is failing, but more in the way that failure is seen as the thing that must not happen at any cost.We are surrounded by children who get a trophy just for showing up, while we have others who will never get a trophy even though they work hard every day.

Failure happens in so many different areas of life and is not contained to high stakes testing.

It can happen on an assignment, at recess and is a part of our daily lives. As a young student I was retained in elementary school and spent a great deal of my formative years failing a variety of subjects.

Unfortunately, too many people do not want to focus on failure because it is often equated to weakness, which cannot be any further from the truth. Besides the obvious reasoning that failing doesn't feel good; failure can offer many learning lessons to the person failing. Few people wake up in the morning and say, "I hope I fail." However, if failure was not an option for people, it wouldn't exist, and we all know that failure is something everyone will have to deal with in their lives. I dropped out of a couple of community colleges and that was after barely graduating from high school. Rejection, when looked at positively, can help us work harder in an effort to succeed.

I have seen failure many times and learned a great deal. When I began writing and sent manuscripts into publishers, I was equipped to receive rejection letters. The reality is that when we do not prepare students for failure we are doing our students a disservice.

They must learn resiliency and how to move forward in the face of failure.

Learning from Failing When looked at correctly, failure can teach us where we went wrong in the first place, and how we can learn to pick ourselves up again in a pursuit to succeed. Too often people keep trying the same solution and keep getting the same result.

Failure can teach us that it is not that we are bad at something, just that we have to try a different method to find success.

Many students enter college not understanding what it means to fail.

They have spent years in their formative schooling where they had an adult who catered to their every need.

If they began to fail there was an adult, whether a parent or teacher, ready to intervene in an effort to help get them back on the right track.

This is after all, the job of the adults around them when they are in school.

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