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However, from the perspective of the application, a partitioned table is identical to a nonpartitioned table; no modifications are necessary when accessing a partitioned table using SQL queries and DML statements.Figure 2-1 offers a graphical view of how partitioned tables differ from nonpartitioned tables.

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Oracle automatically directs insert, update, and delete operations to the appropriate partition with the partitioning key.

: To reduce disk usage and memory usage (specifically, the buffer cache), you can store tables and partitions of a partitioned table in a compressed format inside the database.

This often leads to a better scaleup for read-only operations.

Partitioning enhances the performance, manageability, and availability of a wide variety of applications and helps reduce the total cost of ownership for storing large amounts of data.

Partitioning allows tables, indexes, and index-organized tables to be subdivided into smaller pieces, enabling these database objects to be managed and accessed at a finer level of granularity.

Oracle provides a rich variety of partitioning strategies and extensions to address every business requirement.

Because it is entirely transparent, partitioning can be applied to almost any application without the need for potentially expensive and time consuming application changes.

This chapter contains the following topics: Partitioning allows a table, index, or index-organized table to be subdivided into smaller pieces, where each piece of such a database object is called a partition.

Each partition has its own name, and may optionally have its own storage characteristics.

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