Is daniel henney dating zhu zhu

I feel like fake married is ever only suitable for a rom-com setting, but then again, revenge melo Nice Guy made all the tropes work marvelously, so I’ll keep my mind open for Goodbye Mr. There's nothing shocking about culture shock anymore, at least on the silver screen.It's fed the formula for too many generic rom-coms.

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Indeed, the director was no stranger to convention during the filming of his latest flick . Yet, he doesn't speak a word of Mandarin, because he's a second generation slickster Manhattan lawyer (played by American born, South Korean heartthrob Daniel Henney).

All the standard fare was there-- the wayward lao wai, the culture clashing slapstick, and the wide pan shots of the city that inspired him. And his love interest isn't some starry eyed Shanghai princess, laying in wait for a foreigner to fawn over.

Instead, she's a plucky American blonde named Amanda Wilson (played by Eliza Coupe of the hit sitcom ), who has spent so many years working in The Far East that her Shanghai huaer is flawless.

Woah, what’s with this out of left fielding casting throw?

But at least the upsides are more star power and additional clarity on the fate of this particular drama, so for that I’ll lean towards the positive with this surprising news.

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney is the latest addition to the cast of upcoming .He joins the already lined up group of Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Kang Woo, and Song Jae Rim, so Daniel isn’t taking a role from anyone but will be playing yet another supporting role.Daniel’s character is described as the daddy long legs support to Moon Chae Won’s female lead, while Lee Jin Wook is the revenge driven male lead, with Kim Kang Woo as his betrayer and Song Jae Rim as a serving justice newspaper editor.Daniel isn’t confirmed just yet but is reportedly close to signing on, which will make this his first K-drama in 5 years since the Rain drama Goodbye Mr.Black is a reinvented adaptation of an 80’s manhwa of the same name, which is itself an adaptation of the classic revenge novel Count of Monte Cristo.The big K-drama type twist in this story is that Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won get fake married in the process of his revenge.


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