Kim sun ah and gong yoo dating

It’ll be the story of their “mysterious, sad, strange, and beautiful daily lives.” So it sounds like a contemporary drama with supernatural characters, which is less of a departure for writer Kim Eun-sook than it first seemed when the project was first announced.

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If it’s anything like , I might love it, but it’s hard to know what kind of curveball the goblin/human bride element will be.

Coincidentally, Gong Yoo was being courted for the film saga With the Gods where he would’ve played a reaper. I really hope this writer doesn’t ruin reapers for me, or Gong Yoo for that matter, because I don’t know if I could forgive her for that.

Crossing all fingers and toes, thinking positive thoughts…

) has signed on to headline, and the series is due to air on tv N in November, as expected.

It’s called Goblin, and it’ll be a fantasy drama about a goblin and a reaper who start living together (it sounds a little like tv N’s other supernatural drama about a ghost and an exorcist becoming roomies).

It’s a story about a goblin, “the protector,” who needs a human bride in order to end his immortal life.

We’re not told why he’d want to end immortality, but maybe he’s tired of being beautiful forever?

And then there’s a reaper, “the taker,” who has amnesia.

(It doesn’t specify in the press releases whether the heroine would be the amnesiac reaper, but that would be my guess, unless she’s the human bride.


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