Kitchen cabinet updating virginia

Painted cabinets are ruling Pinterest these days, since intrepid DIYers love the idea of updating their kitchens with only a few coats of a new color.

It seems like a no-brainer project, but this undertaking actually has many potential pitfalls.

Avoid these blunders to end up with cabinets you can't wait to show off:1. Painted cabinets look lovely, but they aren't going to look totally smooth.

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"Even if it wasn't super obvious when the wood was just stained, it's going to be more evident once the paint dries." You can fill the grain with putty, but that can be time-intensive and challenging to get just right.2.

You don't allow yourself enough time."This isn't a lazy Sunday project," says Sherry Petersik, who, along with her husband, chronicled kitchen painting projects on her popular blog Young House Love.

She says people often think it's a weekend job, but it takes four to seven days when you build in the proper prep time (and snack breaks, of course).3.

You don't clean the wood."No matter how clean you think your kitchen is, you need to wipe everything down with a grease remover," says Fahrbach.

Otherwise, when you add a water-based paint to an oil-covered door, the paint won't stick.

He recommends a paint-prep degreaser called TSP (find it at your hardware store).4. This is a crucial first step: Take all the doors off, pull the drawers out and remove the hardware knobs and hinges.

Some people try to save time by painting everything — hinges and all — while they're still in place, but Petersik warns that it's not a long-term fix.

"Your cabinets and hardware will start to chip and show signs of wear within a month — or even immediately." Once the paint on the hinges starts to crack, all you can do is sand everything down and soak the hardware to remove the paint, so save yourself the aggravation.5.

You skip labeling where your doors, drawers, and hardware go.


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