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But more and more LGBT people are saying "Why would we move there? " They are refusing to move away to find tolerance and justice.Instead they are bringing the campaign right to their own home towns.Lesbian couples are protesting by applying for marriage licences, and demonstrating their application denials. Read more » 10 Reasons Why I'd Like to Marry My Wife » In a week when Dav Cam has once again put his weight behind equal marriage, I wanted to post a quick link to Stella Duffy's 10 Reasons Why I'd Like to Marry My Wife, just cos it's so fab.

Established in 2002, we have grown into what we consider is the leading UK lesbian dating agency with over 55,000 personal ads for UK lesbians.

Our dating service is free to join, simply add your free profile to search the extensive contacts database for likeminded members also in the UK.

UK Coverage - The site is aimed primarily at the UK with members in most areas of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We offer a safe, confidential, fun and friendly place where you can meet girls of any age (over 18). whether you're out or in, identify yourself as lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme or anything else.

We all deserve happiness - we hope you'll find it here. As long as you're a girl who likes girls you'll be welcomed here.

If you're looking to hang out, date, even get spliced, we have options for you and many wonderful women for you to meet.It's free to join, search, hang out, and much more.Find out more » Moving story of the fight for equal marriage in Mississipi » Some of our friends involved in the "WE DO" campaign have shared a brilliantly moving video.It's about the struggle for the right to marry by the LGBT community in the Southern states.Recently their campaign has undergone a mass mobilisation.In the past, lesbian couples have been encouraged, or outright told, to move away from the South to somewhere where they'll be more accepted, like New York.


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