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Some of the information was updated 2/00 — many bad links have either been updated or removed and some e-mail addresses have been changed.Keep in mind that several people may have moved and are no longer at the locations indicated. Allmon received his doctorate in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University.

Karen Alonzi-Van Gundy has twenty-one years experience as an elementary school teacher in Jefferson County, Colorado.

She is involved in teacher education through Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines.

In 1990, Karen received honorable mention for Colorado Teacher of the Year.

Karen's first book, Primary Dinosaur Investigations, was co-authored with Craig A. Marsha Barber has 20 years of classroom teaching experience in grades 7-12 with a wide variety of science activities, curriculum projects, and awards to her credit.

As Director of the Denver Earth Science Project at the Colorado School of Mines from 1989-1997, she had opportunity to develop relevant earth science curricula in partnership with geoscientists working in the Denver area. in Micro-paleontology from University College Swansea, University of Wales.

Diana Scheidle Bartos is a gifted science education writer who has a very strong science background in geology and chemistry. He is currently Associate Keeper of Paleontology at The Natural History Museum, London.

Her teaching experience at the junior high level provides her with creative ideas for presenting new and complex concepts to students. Bartos was the lead curriculum writer on two of the Denver Earth Science Project's modules. Breithaupt is Museum Director/Curator of the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. He taught in the states for several years and still keeps his close ties with the US through frequent visits for fieldwork and conferences and through his Research Associateship at the Smithsonian. Filson is a biology teacher and department chairman at Edison High School in Stockton, California. Filson received his BA in Zoology from UC Davis and his MS in Biological Science and Science Education at Oregon State University. Filson is president of the California Biology Education Association and is High School Director of the California Science Teachers Association. Griffing received his doctorate in Geological Sciences from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

He did his undergraduate work in geology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduate work in vertebrate paleontology at the University of Wyoming. His research specialties center around paleoenvironmental analysis in Devonian strata.

His research interests include Mesozoic and Cenozoic Era lower vertebrate fossils, taphonomy, and using paleontology in science education. He is currently the Director of Education at the Paleontological Research Institution, where he conducts outreach programs and teacher workshops, designs exhibits, and is the prime architect of the PRI website.

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