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Hallo mein Name ist Lilly, ich bin Deutsche, bin aber in Kasachstan geboren. Seit ein paar Monaten lerne ich italienisch, weil ich die Sprache und das Land so schön finde. :) Außerdem würde ich gerne mein Schulenglisch auffrischen. also interested to know your culture, food, like and dislike and meeting new friends. I would like to practicing my English and getting more confident with my speaking skills.

Und falls einer von euch Hilfe in russisch und deutsch braucht, könnt ihr mich gern kontaktieren. I'm focusing on improving my English with good, I'm open minded, friendly English speaker. I'm also learning Spanish for a couple of months and would be happy to improve my Spanish. Yo hablo solo algunas frases en Español, pero trato a practicar cada dia un poco. Hi, I am 26 years old and currently live in Japan for the next year.

I study Japanese in a language school in Tokyo, but also want to practice my speaking and listening skills in order to survive the challenges of everday live in Japan and to meet more people.I originally come from Germany but I am also fluent in English and can teach both languages at university level.はじめまして。26さいです。東京に日本語の学校で日本語べんきょうします。ドイツじですけど英語もおしえられます。 よろしくおねがいします。Hi, my name is Rita and I've just arrived in Melbourne.I'm here for work and english school, but thats not enough ...;) I would like to meet local people, to do something together and speak as much as possible to improve my english skills.If you in turn want to speak german then feel free to contact me.

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