Mature men and women dating

Often you hear about older women looking for younger men and you might wonder why? Sometimes it can be the difference that makes it work as well.

Each person we know contributes a different aspect to our life and we are often more drawn to that than we are to a certain age, though certain ages often have some aspects in common, which is why we are drawn to a certain age group.

That younger women look for older men is not a new trend.

It’s been around for a long time as it was often common for women back in the day to marry older men who were able to provide for them.

And as women often mature faster than men, it’s only natural that when women first start dating they look for older men.

That younger men want to meet older women, on the other hand, is often seen as a newer trend.

Of course it isn’t a new trend though - younger men have been drawn to the maturity of older women since the dawn of our days - but Ashton Kutcher and Demi More started a new trend around so-called cougars. And suddenly it was seen as a more common phenomenon and not quite as out there as a certain Mrs Robinson.Some men are old souls, or simply have a lot of life experience, so dating older women come naturally to them as the women their own age don’t often have the maturity they have themselves (of course some women are old souls, or have a lot of life experience at a young age too though! For other men it’s simply an attraction to that sense of maturity and experience, even they don’t have it themselves.They feel an older woman can bring something to their life which a younger, or less mature, woman can’t.And now thanks to online dating it makes it possible to meet older women online. No, just because you’re no longer a teen doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dating.Some people, irrespective of age are looking to date, as opposed to having a relationship.When you date older women it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dating someone looking to get married.

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