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Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects muscle coordination and body movement.

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for several symptoms because, unlike Down syndrome, it does not have a singular cause.

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Because there are so many different factors as to the cause of cerebral palsy, each case is as individual as the person affected.

The symptoms and severity of cerebral palsy can range from mild, barely noticeable effects, to severe, in which the individual has extremely poor motor skills and mental retardation.

Mild cerebral palsy indicates that the severity of the brain damage suffered was only significant enough to cause slight impairment.

The symptoms of mild cerebral palsy are subtler and not easily recognizable.

In cases of mild cerebral palsy, symptoms are not as disruptive, and usually not apparent to the naked eye.

Sometimes parents and doctors are less likely to realize that a child even has mild cerebral palsy.

The parents usually detect mild cerebral palsy as children may begin to have trouble reaching more advanced developmental milestones because of physical complications.

Because mild cerebral palsy is seldom detectable, early intervention is difficult.

However with earlier detections of mild cerebral palsy, corrective treatment can prove to be highly effective.

In the instance of toe walking, for example, a plastic boot can help to train the motor skills and alleviate the problem.

Sometimes mild cerebral palsy can affect the arms in subtle ways.

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