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I remember the day I resigned from my corporate job and transitioned to the life of an entrepreneur.

My passion was to focus full time on building Sixty and Me, a community for women over 60.

I wanted to reinvent my life and find a more flexible work style.

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One woman said that my passion and willingness to take risks made her question the many stereotypes about older women. At the same time, I couldn’t help but realize that my chosen path had raised questions in their minds about the meaning and purpose of their own lives.

Truthfully, it surprised me that these 30-year-old women were so anxious about getting older.

The more I thought about it, the more I wished that I’d had older women in my life when I was 30.

If I had, I might have developed a more balanced perspective on aging much earlier.

So, I decided to discuss this experience with the women in the Sixty and Me community.

I asked them to share one piece of advice that they would give to women half their age.

Their advice was honest and insightful, as I have come to expect, and reflected the collective wisdom that they wished they’d had in their 30s. Here are a few of their thoughts on the topics of lifestyle, attitude, beauty, self-confidence, relationships, and, yes, getting older. Make memories but always keep a soft landing place. If you have children, love them, but, don’t try to be a perfect mother. Be a warrior — learn to be resourceful and self-sufficient. Never stop learning and enhancing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Life and nature prepare you for each phase of life. What is one piece of advice that you would give to a woman (or man for that matter) half your age?

Remember you only have one life — this is not a dress rehearsal. Accept the changes in your body and mind as you get older. Virginia Wolff was right — a woman needs a room of her own and 0. Don’t worry about getting older, worry about being boring. Buy classic clothes — they will always be in style. Be present, the real you, aware and alive in every moment. When the lines start to show on your face, think of them as the roadmap of your life. Give yourself some “me” time every day and laugh and smile all the time. Be grateful for every day, even bad days — there’s always a lesson to learn. So, if you know a younger woman in her 30s, share your wisdom. Take of your invisibility cloak and let the world meet the real you, wrinkles and all!

Try to stay positive and look for the good in every life experience. Live each day fully because you don’t what’s around the corner. Love all the stages of your life and fear none, because they are all magical. If you master this when you are young, it will help in your 60s. Age is only a number — it does not define who you are. Don’t waste money on shoes — men are not looking at your feet. Live with passion and love with your eyes and heart wide open. Live for the present — don’t worry about getting older — the best is yet to come! Embrace the positive aspect of aging — like having less responsibility and more freedom. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to do anything!


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